Darshan Academy

Proud Moments

Kshaunishof, a grade VII student of Darshan Academy, Pune, won a gold medal in the cycling time trial race held at Panshet and organized by WSSM. He participated in the under 18 age group, took 30.36 minutes, and covered 16.3 km. Along with the gold medal, he was given a jacket as a token of appreciation. Yatharth Jajodiaofa, a grade VII student, took the 4th position in the roll ball championship organized by Maharashtra State Roll Ball Association.  He was felicitated with a trophy and a certificate as a token of appreciation. The principal and staff of Darshan Academy, Pune, appreciated the students’ dedication and hard work.


" Rather than share with others a piece of your mind, share the peace of your soul."
- Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj