Darshan Academy

Senior Secondary School

The high quality educational program in the senior wing makes Darshan Academy a great place to study. All students take part in study booster classes, in which they reflect on their study habits, time management, and learning techniques.
We follow the CBSE pattern at Darshan Academy to meet learning objectives, such as:-
Goal Setting

They attend expert sessions for CBSE board examinations and external exams, like Olympiad, NTSE, etc. Students answer previous CBSE exam papers, HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions, and learn tips for solving problems, and expression in writing from an exam point of view.

Darshan Academy has a well-designed, holistic system that fosters academic and personal growth. Students learn to investigate and think independently. The daily meditation classes help students develop their concentration, reduce stress, know one’s inner self and find inner peace and happiness. We believe it is important that every student knows his or her own strengths and each student is constantly encouraged to achieve their personal best.

The Senior Secondary School has a carefully planned, interactive curriculum. Many of the students have represented the school in inter-school competitions. Students learn study techniques and goal setting to achieve the results of which we know they are capable of. Peer group discussions, projects, and engaging activities help students construct the meaning of the new concepts taught.


Goals and Values

  • Co-operative learning develops intellectual autonomy in young adolescents to interact in heterogeneous groups to support the learning of self and others in the same group.
  • Life Skills – Each student who learns how to be peaceful adds one more person to bring peace into this world. Students learn life skills, positive social interaction and peace building. Students are inspired to reflect on how they can apply what they learn in their own lives

Why us?

  • A strong, healthy, and understanding relationship is developed between a teacher and a student to positively motivate students.
  • Use of visuals such as Smartboards in the classrooms, well-structured activities, and research-based program help in developing concepts and applications in various subjects.

Our strategies

Case studies reflecting real-life experiences as a part of Personality Development projects, field trips, parents as guest speakers, peer tutoring, Roleplay, or skits are some of the other effective teaching methodologies used in our school. Games and hobbies are also given emphasis to encourage exploration of values, foster imagination, and develop physical and athletic skills.