Darshan Academy

Middle school

The environment and syllabus at Darshan Academy Middle School encourages a positive attitude towards learning. Middle school students increase their academic perseverance and engage in inquiry based learning, critical thinking, and creativity.

Our Young Middle school classroom has lessons which include activities, discussions, role play, group work, presentations, periodic assessments, smart board modules, creating graphic organizers, debates, experiments, and projects to foster understanding and communication. Evaluation is as per CBSE norms.

Darshan Academy is known for its well-designed system that fosters both academic and personal growth of Darshanites so that they can analyze and evaluate their experience, learn, to question, to investigate and to think independently.

Our school curriculum provides and promotes a learning environment based on developmental readiness, needs, and interests. Different approaches are used at Darshan Academies during the teaching-learning process at the Middle school level to make learning engaging.

Student-led parent teacher conference

Students take ownership of their learning and they are able to reflect on what they have learned, accomplished or have yet to accomplish. Self regulation is inculcated in their personalities.

Visuals and labs

Use of visuals such as Smart boards in the class rooms, well structured activities and research based program help in developing concepts and applications in various subjects.

Life Skills

Students learn peaceful conflict resolution skills and ethical values. The daily meditation sessions help students find inner peace and happiness. The young adolescents learn the value of helping others and how to make a positive contribution to the world.

Teacher student relationships

A strong, healthy and understanding relationship is developed between a teacher and a student to positively motivate students.

We follow the CBSE pattern at Darshan Academy to meet learning objectives, such as:

To develop cognitive, psychomotor and effective skills
To emphasize thought process.
Continuous evaluation.
Innovative teaching-learning strategies