Darshan Academy

Centenary Birthday Celebration, DA,Pune

Darshan Academy, Pune celebrated the centenary birthday of Sant Darshan Singh Maharaj on September 14, 2021,  with great enthusiasm. The principal of Darshan Academy, Pune released 100 balloons to mark the release of positivity into the universe. The celebration included the distribution of sweets to the staff and school visitors and a meditation session of 10 minutes.  Saplings, donated by the parents, were planted around the school to enhance the green cover of the academy. The school reception had a beautiful display of 100 inspiring quotes of Maharaj Ji in the form of handprints portrayed as the flair of the peacock in a prominent area. The uplifting day was celebrated with fond memories of the great spiritual Master Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj.


" Rather than share with others a piece of your mind, share the peace of your soul."
- Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj