Darshan Academy

Darshan Education Foundation

Darshan Education Foundation has been providing students with an excellent all-round education since its inception in 1995. It strives to provide an education that embraces all aspects of a child’s being, enabling students to meet challenges and lead life with a knowledge supported by wisdom, ethical values, good decision-making skills, as well as equipoise and a respect for all life.
Professional training for the education staff

Integral to the education of students is professional training for the teachers and administrators. Throughout the academic year, Darshan Education Foundation organizes in-service workshops, and learn hands-on approaches to mastering new teaching techniques.

New and efficient training approach

Trainers also model the new approaches so that teachers can witness their effectiveness in the context of their own classroom. Workshops are held on learning styles, accelerated learning techniques, the spiritual curriculum, and on many other topics and subject areas.

Darshan Education Foundation - Branches

Darshan Education Foundation has a rich experience of running its own chain of schools across India by the name of Darshan Academy. We have a history of imparting excellent education among all our branches.

Initiatives by Darshan Education Foundation

Darshan Education Foundation strives to offer students a holistic education through a curriculum that focuses on ethical and spiritual development. Integrating meditation and a spiritual curriculum into a traditional academic environment, the foundation’s goal is two-fold: first, to produce students whose spiritual potential is developed along with their intellect and physical wellbeing; and second, to inspire in each student a global view of the world, unobstructed by distinctions of race, nationality, religion, or economic status.
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Darshan Education Foundation believes each child is a unique individual with a variety of talents and learning needs. Students are trained for life to be high achievers and good human beings. They learn goal setting, time-management and selfless-service habits. Students develop a resourcefulness and flexibility through which they can master and use new and rapidly changing fields of knowledge and technology. They are encouraged to see themselves as citizens of a global community whose prosperity and well being depend on harmony and co-operation.