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Bhelpuri Party, Lucknow

(July 19, 2019)

The pre-primary section of DA Lucknow had a bhelpuri party on July 5, 2019, and celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. Students prepared bhelpuri in their classes with raw ingredients brought from home. They enjoyed preparing the tangy snack and presented it in paper cones prepared by them during the activity period. The event helped the students to engage in collaborative learning and teamwork. Teachers spoke on the health benefits of having this zero-oil nutritious and delicious snack. It was a fun experience for everyone to prepare bhelpuri in class and relish it.

Lemonade Party, Jalandhar

(July 19, 2019)

The pre-primary wing of Darshan Academy, Jalandhar organized a lemonade party to get out the message to drink natural drinks like lemonade, cane juice, and fresh fruit juices. Students dressed as vendors and served lemonade to all. It was an enjoyable party and students had a lot of fun.

Maths and Science One Day Internal Workshop, Hisar

(July 9, 2019)

A One Day Internal Workshop was organized in Darshan Academy, Hisar on 29th une 2019 to offer an opportunity to use effective tools in the teaching-learning process for mathematics and science. Teachers of each level developed and demonstrated lessons through a variety of activities that involved interactive, collaborative, and hands on experiences. The pre-primary teachers presented addition and subtraction through Ganit Mala. Middle wing teachers presented a circle game through division and a Jodogyan fraction activity. Algebraic Identities using blocks and exterior angle properties with cutting and pasting paper were showcased by the senior group. Each level also came up with innovative ways to involve the students in science learning. Overall, it was an informative session appreciated by all the participants who were enthusiastic about the possibilities of using different interactive learning materials and activities in the daily teaching learning process.

Internal Spiritual Workshop, Kalka

(July 9, 2019)

Darshan Academy, Kalka organized an internal spiritual workshop for teachers from 27/06/19 to 29/06/19. The first day’s session was based on the philosophy and purpose of Darshan Academy and various topics were discussed. The next day a book review session was conducted. All the teachers were provided with certain selected topics from the book and were asked to present their reviews. On day three teachers presented demo lessons based on the spiritual curriculum in an innovative way. It was an inspiring three day training session of which grew seeds of understanding how to teach the spiritual curriculum.

Van Mahotsav Festival, Jalandhar

(July 9, 2019)

Van Mohotsav, a weeklong festival for forest conservation and tree planting, was celebrated in Darshan Academy, Jalandhar. Students presented a variety of activities that included speeches, songs, role play, and poem recitation. Students planted trees around the school and ended the week by making posters and participating in a slogan writing competition using colors and words to express their feelings and views about the environment and the importance of trees to human life. Students gained a deeper awareness of the importance of “Saving Trees” and “Planting More Trees” to keep the environment clean, green, and healthy.

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