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Go Green Organic Farming - Seed Plantation

(September 17, 2018)

All students of Darshan Academy, Devlali, participate in a Tree Plantation activity under the “Go Green Organic Farming” project. Every year each child nurtures one sapling under his/her care. Though this activity a child learns to plant and take care of new saplings and the importance of trees in our life and in our environment. By this caring involvement the children come closer to loving and admiring nature for the future.

Roti Bank

(September 17, 2018)

Roti Bank was introduced Pan India to serve food to individuals in need on the streets. Every child brings one roti in his/her tiffin. A vegetable is cooked at school by senior students with the help of school staff on every Tuesday. One grade of students go to different places around Devlali, slum areas and Nashik Road to serve the food. The roti project is also in connection to “Beat the Hungry” and to help those in need have a one-time full stomach. This loving and sharing project helps student to respect and share with others.

Parents Orientation Program

(September 17, 2018)

An Orientation Program for Parents of New Students was held at Darshan Academy, Devlai. Presented by the school principal and coordinator, the program was to familiarize the parents, “as partners in progress”, with the curriculum rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities. Principal (name) spoke to the need for effective communication between the teachers and parents. She also requested interactive feedback on effective and nurturing parenting. The parents were then briefed about the guidelines of the school. Later the teachers gave an overview of the various subject matter as well as the co-scholastic activities which fosters self-directed independence and creativity for each child. The orientation program shared with the parents the schools policies to teach and guide their children. Parents left in high spirits.

Darshanites Start Banking Project Activity

(September 17, 2018)

A special project, “Bank of Darshanites Devlali Branch”, taught students about banking. Students learned to save their money and each month they deposited their savings with a bank clerk, cashier, and manager. They learned to fill out their saving account slip, deposit, and record the transaction. At the end of the year a withdrawal is done in presence of their parents. This 2018-2019 Banking Activity allows a student to think of expenditures, saving and the importance of money in our lives and become familiar with banking functions they will use in the future.

International Yoga Day

(September 17, 2018)

Darshan Academy Devlali observed the International Yoga Day. The program began with a speech by the Yoga instructor highlighting the benefits of yoga in our daily life. Next the students and teachers performed asanas guided by the yoga instructor who discussed the benefits of each asana. Some students then beautifully demonstrated different mudras and asanas promoting wellness. Yoga Day was a great success and students and teachers shared they would do yoga daily. The day ended with everyone practicing a ten minute meditation to promote peace within and without.

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