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Parent Talk, "A Happy and Empowered Life through Meditation"

(March 11, 2019)

On 27 February 2019 Darshan Academy, Hisar organized a talk for parents entitled “A Happy and Empowered Life Through Meditation,” which explored the limitless potential of the soul through meditation. Ms. Seema Batra, the program’s speaker, started with a simple meditation technique. Several videos were shown, the first highlighting the disruptive manner that ego and anger can have on our lives. Some helping factors, such as a vegetarian way of life, ethical living, and regularity for better meditation, were put forward as stepping stones to spirituality. It was an inspiring and informative session that spoke to both beginner and experienced travelers on the path of a spiritual life. The principal, Jessica R. Kamble, assured attendees that more such programs will be offered.

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