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Mothers’ Day Celebration, Dehli

(May 19, 2017)

On a bright sunny morning, Darshan Academy held a loving Mother's Day celebration. Tiny Darshanites danced beautifully for their mothers and nursery class mothers also participated in the dance. In a game kindergarten students found and hugged their mothers. Next a wonderful role-play of how mothers work around the clock with little complaint or salary was presented by students. Ms. Inderpal Kaur gave an inspiring talk in which she told students that when we turn the word MOM upside down it becomes WOW! She said we should always love and care for our mothers as they do for us. Mr. A David, Principal, concluded with a lovely talk narrating a story of a boy who always admired his friend’s mother and sometimes complained of his own mother, but when asked would not exchange his mother for any cost. He encouraged the children to show gestures of love to their mothers on this and other days. Each child had prepared a special Mother's Day card for their mother.

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