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Annual Day 20 Years of DA Ludhiana

(December 4, 2018)

On November 20, 2018, Darshan Academy, Ludhiana celebrated its annual function completing 20 years of success - a milestone in the journey of the school. The theme of the day was “Empowered Soul - Enlightening Minds and Illuminating Souls.” DEF President, Mr. A. K. Sachdeva was the chief guest. Other dignitaries present were education officer, Dr. Thakur, LMC members and principals of other schools. The event unfolded with a warm welcome address followed by a lamp lighting ceremony by all the distinguished guests. Principal Ms. Rajdeep Kaur Aulakh presented the annual report. Thereafter, the meritorious students both in the field of academics and sports were felicitated with scholarships. The function was followed by a dazzling musical ballet by the Darshanites which gave a soul stirring message. The musical ballet 'Empowered Soul’ highlighted the limitless potential and energy of the soul within each of us, which has the qualities of unlimited wisdom, fearlessness, immortality, connectedness, unconditional love and bliss. Through mesmerizing songs, drama, dance and acrobatics, the stupendous performance of the students held the audience in awe. Chief Guest Mr. A. K. Sachdeva applauded the participants for their efforts and exquisite performances. Mr. Prabhdeep Singh, Sr. Coordinator thanked everyone for the successful and memorable event.

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