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Principal Award

(November 26, 2018)

Darshan Academy Dasuya Principal, Mr. Rasik Gupta was honored with the award of ‘Ingenious Instructor Ascendancy’ at Dinanagar by CBSE Regional Director, Mr. R.J Khanderao, for his excellence in the field of education. This award ceremony was organized by ‘Beas Sahodya Schools Complex.’ Principal Mr. Gupta has worked tirelessly to improve the teaching-learning process and well-being of society. Upon receiving this award, Principl, Mr. Gupta stated that Darshan Academy students are provided the best facilities and are taught in innovative ways. Students at DA also engage in community service projects for the welfare of society. The Principal thanked C.B.S.E and Beas Sahodya Schools Complex for the award.

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