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Darshan Education Foundation All India Pre-Primary Coordinators and Teachers Workshop, Delhi

(August 9, 2017)

28th July 2017
A 2-day All India Workshop for Darshan Academy pre-primary coordinators and teachers opened with meditation and an inspiring story by Ms. Ghai. Education Officers, Dr. S.P Thakur and Dr.Khokkar, welcomed the gathering, and pointed out that teaching in pre-primary should be activity-based and child oriented. Dr. Thakur talked about Piaget’s stages of child development and the importance of building a rapport with the students. Dr. Khokkar emphasized the purpose of the workshop and parent communication.

Ms Gilda Mathew from “Shiksha” in Mumbai started the first session off with a TED talk: “Every child needs a champion and it is the teacher whom he looks for as a champion.” This was followed by an ice-breaker game to help get to know each other. Participants reflected on the importance of positive communication and the qualities a teacher should have. They learned new songs with actions, and the importance of music to enrich vocabulary, confidence and communication skills. Participants also took part in a session on SWOT Analysis - a helpful tool to assess one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. After lunch, there was a group activity in which all the groups were given a few words and the first start line to weave a beautiful story based on moral values. The resource person emphasized that real life situational stories help the students develop love for their culture and heritage and instills a sense of belongingness in them. The interactive session continued with the use of teaching aids and learning through the power of art. Finally participants focused on time management and the importance of circle time as a tool for problem solving and sharing ideas.

29th July 2017

The second day of the workshop began with an inspiring anecdote by Ms. Ghai, about a boy who wanted to know his worth. Through her story, she beautifully conveyed the message that each child is unique and precious. After a meditation session, Mrs. Monika, pre-primary coordinator at DA Delhi, summarized the previous day’s activities. Next, Principal, Mr. Mishra spoke on the importance of the development of life skills in children and how to help children with learning difficulties and behavioral issues. Interactive sessions with demo lessons by DA teachers were full of creativity and useful ideas. Teaching strategies and methodology were shared along with best practices. After lunch pre-primary coordinators shared ideas practiced in their schools and encouraged the staff to apply creativity and innovation in their future endeavors. Spiritual Curriculum demo lessons in the afternoon were a great way to showcase how spiritual education can be imparted in novel and fun ways. The workshop concluded with the teachers and coordinators sharing their reflections and experiences. DEF President graced the occasion with his kind presence and showered his best wishes on everyone. The teachers left with inspiring memories of the workshops and carried with them a variety of new techniques and ideas to incorporate into their classrooms

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