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Developing Healthy Food Habits Among Children Talk

(May 16, 2018)

Darshan Academy, Meerut organized a Health Talk for parents of new admissions on the topic ‘Developing Healthy Food Habits among Children’ on 5 May 2018. It was facilitated by Dr. Rahul Bansal, Head of Community, Medicines Department, Subharti Medical College, Meerut. He was duly welcomed by the Principal and the Coordinators. Dr. Bansal encouraged parents to promote healthy food habits for their children with the avoidance of processed food, junk food and food fads. He touched upon various research studies on fast foods and processed foods and alerted the parents how these foods can lead to inflammation and chronic diseases among children. Dr. Bansal emphasized that a healthy balanced diet is vital for the physical, mental, emotional and psychological development of the child. Parents were suggested to include healthy carbohydrates, proteins and vitamin rich food products in their child’s diet with an emphasis on green vegetables daily.

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