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Roti Bank part of Hazur Week of Human Unity and Peace, Jalandhar

(August 9, 2017)

Darshan Academy Jalandhar celebrated Hazur Week on Human Unity and Peace from 20th-27th July.2017. Students and teachers participated in various activities to promote the message of unity and peace. First through fifth grade students recited poems of peace for all. Other students spoke of how to be united and be peaceful through their posters and slogans. Through a role play, students conveyed their message that one can find peace within and that one who loves others and is united with others in their heart, is a peaceful person. Students participated in a rally and held slogans of peace and unity highlighting collaboration, cooperation and team-work. A Roti Bank was held in which all teachers and students brought extra lunches for people in need and then went to poor areas to distribute their lunches. Principal, Mr. Dinesh Singh asked all to pledge to be united and peaceful with others and live the academy motto: “Be Good, Do Good, Be One.”

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