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National Darshan Academy Teacher Trainers Workshop

(May 16, 2018)

Darshan Academy schools are founded on the principle that the whole child should be nurtured. Not only the physical and intellectual aspect of development, but also the spiritual. Meditation and a lesson of the spiritual curriculum is a practice built into the student’s schedule at Darshan Academy. This approach is helping to create generations of peacemakers. To support the implementation of this school program, Darshan Education Foundation organised a Darshan Academy National Spiritual Curriculum Teacher Trainer Workshop on 12 and 13 May 2018. It was held at Kirpal Ashram, Delhi. Darshan Academy trainers from all over India attended the two day interactive workshop to help teachers present the spiritual curriculum modules in an activity based way, and gain a deeper understanding of the subject. The highlight of the workshop was the inspiring session with Darshan Education Foundation’s Founder Chairman, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj who addressed the participants on 12 May. He encouraged the team to meditate regularly to find peace and happiness within and emphasized that actions speak louder than words. Participants expressed how the spiritual curriculum has made a positive difference in both the students’ and teachers’ lives and that it is gratifying to see the students gain a peaceful foundation. Darshan Education Foundation has a well-designed training course for new teachers to help them teach effectively. During the two days facilitators and participants shared best practices, demo lessons and activities on a variety of topics, such as storytelling, creating a welcoming class environment, and how to teach ethical values in a fun way. The professional training workshop empowered the teacher trainers with innovative ideas and skills and was an enriching and engaging experience for all.

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